Why Poetry?

Over the years, I have found a wonderful outlet in my poetry.  In the darkest midnight and in the midst of the  most fierce storms I have faced, my poetry was always there.  It was often an outlet for me and, at times, an encouragement to others.  These poems were and are sometimes hopeful and sometimes not.  But they were always, to the best of my limited ability, honest.  I hope those of you who follow my blog will find your own pain and fears expressed in my poetry and find an outlet there.  But I also hope you won’t miss the underlying hope that says, “The story isn’t finished yet…and God isn’t done.”


5 thoughts on “Why Poetry?

  1. Writing poems about Gail’s death was the best therapy I could have. I have a wonderful Jewish friend, a poet, whose daughter was killed in a car wreck. His friendship has been a great comfort to me as we have shared our grief. He also used writing poetry as an outlet for his sorrow. I’ve found therapy in writing about other sorrows that have come my way. I don’t want to think of a life without poetry.

    • Thank you for sharing this, Joe. You have touched on two of the components that make it possible to “dig a well” when we’re in the wilderness: finding an outlet for the pain and reaching out for help.

      With the changes Harry is making to the blog, I will have a link that will be only poetry. Maybe you will consider posting some of the poems you wrote during your journey there? I can see how they would be helpful to some of the folks who read my blog. Just a thought.

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